Commission pricing is based on size and complexity. Complexity includes the amount of detail, such as the number of subjects in the painting. It is important to discuss expectations of a commissioned piece and the more photos provided the better. You can expect periodic updates on progress for comment.

Framing of your commission is included in the commission price. There may be an additional complexity fee. Sales tax is not included in the commission fee, but for sales over $250, shipping is free.

Additional items such as note cards, tote bags, coffee mugs, phone cases, etc., are available in my Fine Art America Shop.


SizeTotal40% Down60% Delivery
5” x 7”$150$60$90
8” x 8”$150$60$90
8” x 10”$200$80$120
9” x 12”$250$100$150
12” x 12”$300$120$180
11” x 14”$350$140$210
12” x 16”$400$160$240
12″ x 24″$500$200$300
14” x 18”$500$200$300
16” x 20”$550$220$330
18” x 24”$600$240$360
22” x 30”$700$280$420
24” x 36”$800$320$480
36″ x 48″$900$360$540

Additional Examples

Woman napping with baby
Modern Madonna